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Operation: Pretenders Cosplay Panel Returns

We are pleased to announce that the Pretenders Cosplay Panel will return to TFNation 2017, but with a new twist!

These days it’s impossible to attend any convention without seeing fans dressed as their favourite characters from movies, comics, video games and much, much more. Cosplay has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. From tailored suits and beautiful gowns to giant mechs and elaborate suits of armour, cosplayers are being recognised more and more for the hard work and skill that goes into creating their costumes.

At TFNation we are consistently dazzled by the calibre of cosplay our attendees bring to the convention. And we know that many of you, cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike, are fascinated by the wide variety of materials, techniques and skills that go into making such costumes

This year’s Pretenders Cosplay Panel will again be hosted by TFNation crew members and experienced cosplayers Isa and Tori. However, this time they will also be joined by three of TFNation 2016’s Pretenders Cosplay Contest winners!

They are: Emalie, who took first place in the robot category with a Nickel costume complete with built-in roller blades. Chaozrael, who won second place in the robot category with her fantastically creepy Kaon cosplay. And Jo, who won second place in the non-mech category with her impeccably sewn Holoform Cyclonus.

These cosplayers are extremely excited to discuss prop and costume making techniques, answer questions on the specific challenges of crafting wearable robots, and to share their experiences as cosplayers and contest winners with our attendees.

The panel will take place at 12pm on Sunday in the Panel Room. Whether you’re a newbie to cosplay, a veteran, or someone simply interested in just how all those crazy costumes get made, we encourage you to check out the Pretenders Cosplay Panel to learn more about this extremely creative part of the Transformers fandom.

Further transmissions to follow.


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