Oh, hey everybody!

Allow me to introduce myself: Im Genericon! But you can call me Genny or Gen!

If you're coming along to TFN2017, we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Sooooo I wanted to step out of the data banks and tell you a little bit about... well, me!

I'm the TFNation communications bot. My job is to keep you all well informed about the convention! You know all those Transmissions TFN sends out... spoilers... they're all from me! Like, literally me... my alt mode is a datapad, dontcha know?

I'll be popping up from time to time during the show to make sure you're all headed in the right direction. Wouldn't wanna stray into a Decepticon trap now, would you? I mean, TFNation is *supposed* to be a respected neutral territory, but some 'Cons just have issues with the rules, know what I mean?

Look out for me on signs, banners, brochures and... oh, hey! Last year I soooorta recorded my experience attending the convention for the first time. It might be useful for any other newbies nervous about their first year, so keep your optics online and I'll transmit that as soon as. :)

See you at the con!

Genny x