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Operation: More, Merch More, Than Meets The Eye

With under three weeks to go we thought it was about time to introduce you to the traders who you will be able to find in the main hall at TFNation 2017. We have a whole host of traders this year, ensuring a wide range of toys and collectables for you to purchase. From Generation One through Titans Returns and The Last Knight, you should find something on your wants list to purchase.

Europe’s longest running Transformers trader, The Spacebridge, is planning something special this year with the largest loose “Junker collection” selling for some amazing prices. If you are a kit basher, have some figures in need of parts or just want to pick up a cheap version of a character, and aren’t too bothered about the condition then make sure you check this out.

Internet Icons A1 Toys, ID Toys and Kapow Toys, along with Multi-Convention Organiser All The Cool Stuff, will ensure that those fans of modern figures, both official and third party, will have something to spend their hard-earned cash on.

Tempting Toys and Collectables (USA) and Xybertoys (Singapore) bring an international flavour to TFNation covering the West and East.

Urban Species, Creations of Curiosity, Gundam Mad and the TFNation stall will be offering something different for those looking for something other than Transformers toys.

Comic Connections, who are providing us with the Brave Figure collection you can drool over all weekend, will be back with Third Party offerings … and maybe even the odd comic or two.

Phantasmic Toys, Nottingham Robot Company, Beyond Technologies and Combiner Stores are returning to TFNation offering a wide variety of merchandise covering various years, and toy lines.

Jay and Me Loves, will be featuring an amalgamation of three traders this year, offering an even wider range of goods than last year.

ToyFu, the non-profit toy traders, will be once again collecting money for charity over the weekend. Having seen some of their teasers of their stock, this year could break records for the great causes they support.

We look forward to welcoming all the traders to TFNation 2017 and wish them the very best for the show. With such a wide, varied range of items on offer, TFNation 2017 is sure to add to your collection.

Further transmissions to follow.

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