Sellers Application Form

Welcome to the Trader interest form.

The purpose of this form is to gauge interest in the available trading space in our Trader room. Please keep the following points in mind;

  1. This is not a booking form and no payment is required at this stage.
  2. Once your interest is registered we will either approve or decline your request. We have limited Trader space so unfortunately there may not be room for everybody.
  3. Each Trader unit includes two tables (Sizes TBC).
  4. Standard setup would be one table at the back and one at the front, although you are free to move the tables around as you like within the allocated space. Additional space comes at a reduced price and will come with 2 additional tables (per space).
  5. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide power to the tables, although premium tables around the walls may benefit from power sockets.
  6. Tickets for additional helpers can be purchased for £50 per person

Full terms and conditions will be available at the payment stage.

The following packages are available for this event:

  • 1 Block (includes 2 tables and 2 tickets) - £80.00
  • 2 Blocks (includes 4 tables and 2 tickets) - £100.00
  • 3 Blocks (includes 6 tables and 2 tickets) - £120.00
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Optional telephone number in case we need to reach you
What size space are you interested in?
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