With tickets for TFN:Mini-Con® Reading scheduled to go on sale at 12:00 midday (BST) on Saturday 15th June 2024,  the time has now come for us to address some of our favourite people - the TFN Forge artists and Traders!

Forge and Trader applications are now live!

This is an application process, so you won't have to pay for your tables right now. We'll contact you later, if your application is approved, to arrange payment.

Trader Pricing

Trader spaces are sold in blocks. One block measures approximately 5ft (1.52m) across the front and 6'6" (1.97m) in depth, and includes up to two 5ft (1.52m) tables. Standard setup is one table at the back and one at the front, with a walkway between, but you are free to arrange your tables as you wish within the allocated space, subject to clearance from our vendor team who will help you with your planning. (The final hall layout for our new venue will be confirmed at a later date).

Additional blocks come at a reduced rate and include two additional tables per block.

Please note – unfortunately we are unable to guarantee power will be supplied to all of the blocks.

  • 1 Block (includes 2 tables, 2 Trader tickets) - £100.00
  • 2 Blocks (includes 4 tables, 2 Trader tickets) - £150.00
  • 3 Blocks (includes 6 tables, 2 Trader tickets) - £200.00
  • Additional Trader Passes can be purchased for £50.00

The Trader application form and full terms & conditions can be found here.

Forge Pricing

Forge tables consist of one table typically measuring 1.52m (5 feet) priced at £80.00, inclusive of one Forge ticket.

A Forge table may be shared with another Forge artist (who must be pre-registered with us), however the additional artist will need to purchase their own convention ticket.

Please be aware there are strict rules for Forge Tables, including;

  1. No Official Merchandise.
  2. No Official logos are to appear on any items.
  3. Although customised toys can be sold, all figures must be modified. (Otherwise you will need to buy a regular Trader Block).

The Forge application form and full terms & conditions can be found here.