Comics have always been about the interdependency of words and images, and Transformers comics have had some choice examples of both in the past 40 years – so who better to join the TFNation 2024 guest roster than comics writer and artist Nick Roche!

Roche has seemingly never not been a part of the Transformers community, starting as a fan in TMUK and moving on to professional writer and artist work for IDW’s Spotlights and Maximum Dinobots – before embarking upon the Wreckers Saga, doing some work for small indie publisher Marvel Comics, and a number of non-Transformers related, creator owned projects: Monster Motors and Scarenthood. Most recently, he was in charge of several character designs for animated series Transformers: Earthspark.

‌Nick Roche will be joining us for TFNation 2024, drawing more dynamic robots, trying to stay ahead of commission lists, and definitely not plugging his creator-owned work. Stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- where All Are One!

(Please note: Nick Roche, like all guests, appears at TFNation strictly subject to professional commitments, and all advertised guest lists are subject to change without notice. All panel rooms are subject to capacity limits. Terms and Conditions of sale apply on this small world and all others, whether or not Unicron's on his way)