We're bringing you some news of another guest joining TFNation 2020, formally from the world of comics art, but that many of you may also know from his internet fame: artist and YouTube personality James Raiz, aka The Box Office Artist!

Raiz has been a long time fan of and creator for the Transformers franchise, starting with collaborating - pre-license - with Dreamwave. He was part of the original pitches to Hasbro to obtain the license too, and when Dreamwave succeeded, he was main artist on comics such as Transformers: Armada and Energon. He is known for his extremely detailed work and darker shades of inking, and was brought back to the comics once IDW had the license, providing cover art for the previous narrative continuity and eventually working on interiors for one issue of Maximum Dinobots and one of More Than Meets the Eye, kicking off the Dark Cybertron story arc.

After Dreamwave, Raiz was part of the DC/Wildstorm crew, with series such as Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, has worked on Marvel titles like The Hulk, and has provided art for Top Cow, SPIN, and Devil's Due. Outside of the comics world, Raiz has offered his skills to film and videogames, in the visual and special effects departments, and worked on the likes of Watchmen, Percy Jackson, Battle LA and Underworld to name a few. Additionally, we're sure that most of you know his YouTube channel, The Box Office Artist: initially showing preview art of upcoming blockbuster movies, the endeavour morphed into an incredible challenge to his own talent, adding more and more details, characters, focus, scope, and ...well, see for yourselves.

If you're thinking of getting something signed, you might want to consider purchasing some examples of James' work from Amazon - please click the links below to see the individual listings;

Transformers: Maximum Dinobots 4: https://amzn.to/2zXMY24

Transformers: Maximum Dinobots 5: https://amzn.to/2A0G4ch

Transformers: Armada: https://amzn.to/36VJadC

James Raiz will be attending the convention all weekend, talking all sorts of detailed mecha art, YouTube fame, basic drawing skills, and the utter ridiculousness that are his larger pieces! We look forward to welcoming him and all of you to TFNation 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!

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