TFNation 2019 is just round the corner, and here we are still bringing you news about its programme of events! Today, we're proud to announce that German cosplayer and craftsperson Chaozrael will be hosting a whole new edition of the highly popular cosplay panel!

Chaoz - thanks to their experience and expertise, with two publications under their belt and several years of cosplay appearances - will be leading the session, making it into a fairly practical immersion into cosplay crafting, with demonstration of techniques and labour, while completing an IDW Transformers inspired Tarn mask. The panel will also include a 'show and tell' element, featuring the mask but also various armour pieces, with a view of answering audience questions where possible. If you're into creative fandom engagement, this is a part of the programme you cannot miss.

The Cosplay Panel will take place at TFNation 2019, on Sunday 18th August, and is free with any Sunday or Weekend ticket! We look forward to welcoming you all to TFNation, where all are one!

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