Did you miss out on your TFNation 2019 swag during this year's convention? Or do you regret not picking up an exclusive shirt in a year gone by? Well never fear, because we have your back!

Due to popular demand, we have launched a second run of several TFN products! These can be pre-ordered exclusively from our official partners https://morethanmerch.com with pre-order closing 9pm on September 30th. The orders will then be placed and dispatched by our supplier.

Products include;
  • Our Adventure Game Book - "Signal of Doom"*
  • The TFNation Colouring Book*
  • Transformers Animated Season 4 prints* - Featuring exclusive artwork as seen during TFNation 2019's ClubCon audio show.
  • TFNation 2019 Tour T-Shirt -- up to 5XL**
  • TFNation Baseball Cap and Snapbacks
  • Gundam Wing T-Shirt
  • TFNation Steel Thermos
  • TFNation Aluminium Waterbottle
  • TFNation 2018 Tour T-shirt - now available in sizes up to 5XL**
  • TFNation 2018 "Not Your Fathers Convention" Genericon tee - - now available in sizes up to 5XL**
  • TFNation 2017 Tour T-shirt- now available in sizes up to 5XL** ***
  • TFNation 2016 Tour T-shirt- now available in sizes up to 5XL** ***
If that was not enough we are also proud to announce the launch of the TFNation Retro Collection with the launch of our first two retro t-shirts '84 TFN Retro Bots and '84 TFN Retro Cons. Featuring a 1984 themed front-printed TFNation logo you can travel back to the start of G1 with these stylish black, white, yellow (bots) or purple (cons) Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts.

Please see the Fruit Of The Loom website for Mens and Ladies sizing information. If you prefer your t-shirts baggy we would advise choosing a slightly larger size to the one you would normally choose.

* - All profits (money left after deducting creation costs) from the sales of these items will be donated to the great charity, Mary's Meals.
** - 4XL and 5XL only available in the Men's cut. Up to 3XL available in the Ladies cut