You will have seen by now a certain retina-tingling theme creep into TFNation for 2018 and that is of course the wonder of G2. So it's only natural that this year's convention programme reflect this.

Nailing our colours to the mast with a striking cover, art courtesy of Ed Pirrie and Liam Shalloo depicting TFNation mascot Genericon in a pose familiar to readers of Marvel's Transformers Generation 2 Issue 1.

It's not just a pretty cover for inside you will find our traditional guest signing sheet - ideal for the autograph hunter who has ran out of space packing ahead of the event.  Ideal for framing after the event, just make sure you are careful removing the staples.

We do like to look after you so we've also included  your convention survival kit which consists of:
  • A map - after all you need to know where you are.
  • A timetable so you can plan your days.
  • An expanded schedule with a little more detail about all those panels and activities.
  • We've also some tips for the event suitable for the convention neophyte and hardened veteran alike!
No need to worry about tracking this fine publication down, as your convention programme is free for attendees to pick up from the Registration Desk when your collect your wristbands.