Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 0036

Operation: Rolling Out in Style

We are very happy to announce that one of our features for TFNation 2018 sees the return of the Transformers Car Hire team, and their collection of replica vehicles from the Paramount live-action movies!

The Hilton Metropole car park will be taken over across the weekend by the likes of G1 style Bumblebee (Volkswagen Beetle, soon to be seen again on screen in the Bumblebee Movie), Beaterbee (the 70s Camaro first seen in the 2007 film), the standard Movie Bumblebee, popular Decepticon enforcer Barricade (in his first look), and of course, the Western Star Optimus Prime truck.

The team will be on hand and on site to talk about the cars and the stories behind them, and help you with photo opportunities (note that a small fee may be charged for up close and personal shots), getting to know the vehicles, and even pop inside them for a short while.

So get your cameras at the ready, and head down to TFNation for some piece of the live-action magic!

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