Transmission ID: 00018
Operation: To Sell Toys

With just over two months until TFNation 2018, many fans are thinking about purchases, preparing budgets, and hatching toy hunting plans at the show. Due to popular demand, the trader hall has expanded this year compared to the 2017 event, so a tour of the venue and a look at the traders confirmed for the show so far is in order. Join us below!

New Traders for TFNation 2018

  • Bens Collectables - One of YouTube’s most popular Transformers - and 3rd party - reviewers will be selling his wares at a show for the first time.
  • Gundam Mad - Returning after a year’s break are TFNation attendees’ favourite Gundam and Gunpla stockist (all robots are robots after all).
  • Science Fiction Collectables - Making their TFNation debut, Science Fiction Collectables offers a wide variety of products and lines for you to purchase, beyond the transforming robot toy selection.
  • T4E - The "Total Wipeout" appearing T4E make a welcome return to the convention scene after several years of hiatus.

Returning Traders from TFNation 2017

Transforming robots

If the name of the game is Transformers and Transformers alone, head straight for the stalls belonging to Combiner Stores, Beyond Technologies, along with national hotspots ID Toys, Kapow Toys, Nottingham Robot Company, and The Spacebridge. Plus, directly from the US, Tempting Toys and Collectables is bound to tingle your taste buds with something spicy.

Beyond Transformers

For those looking for something that moves laterally into pop culture / sci-fi toys and collectables, but is not necessarily of the – official or unofficial – Cybertronian shape, look no further than the likes of Creations of Curiosity, Max and Me Love Toys, and our very own TFNation Merchandise stall, for all your repping needs.

For comics fans, who need to stock up on back issues from IDW, Dreamwave, Marvel and more, Comic Connections will be the go-to area, along with their official and Third-Party products.

And, last so far but not least, non-profit traders ToyFu will return to collecting money for charity over the weekend. If you haven’t encountered their selection of well-loved stock, get ready for some hidden, grail-y treasures.

We look forward to welcoming all the traders, including those yet to confirm their presence, to TFNation 2018 and wish them the very best for the show. With such a wide, varied range of items on offer, TFNation 2018 is sure to add to your collection.

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