Transmission ID: 00019
Operation: Show Us What You're Made Of

The TFNation display area has become one of the highlights of the show for many attendees. In 2016, we showcased a complete collection of Rock Lords, the entire Beast Wars and Beast Machines lines (including the Japanese subseries for II and Neo), and various upcoming 3rd Party and Official toy releases. In 2017, we introduced the world of TFNation to Takara's Brave series, a stunning display of figures many had not seen before.

This year we are looking to do something a little different, smething perhaps more creative: we want Your toys! Not just any toy, however - we want your customised and kit-bashed figures. Whether you have simply touched up a figure by adding some extra details, part-swapped with other toys or made it yourself from scratch, we want to showcase it to the world of TFNation and beyond (through the inevitable social media interactions). Remember, this isn't a competition, it's a display.

You will find our new Custom Figure Application Form asking you to let us know that you are interested, as well we telling us more about the item(s). Figures will be displayed in a locked glass cabinet for the duration of the event. Applications are open to both weekend and single day attendees. Space is limited by the physical cabinets, but we want to create the largest showcase of customised Transformers figures that the world has seen.

The figures could be new ones you are working on, past entries to competitions at other shows, or those you created years ago. We want to encourage creativity in the fandom, so it doesn't matter if you are a regular kitbasher or not. There are no winners or losers, just a shared appreciation for your creativity. And depending on the interest and success of the display, we may look into Custom Competitions at future events.

Head on over to to register your interest now!

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