The TFNation crew recently teased a new convention area known as THE FORGE and the positive feedback from our supporters has been extremely gratifying. Today, we are revealing more about the concept, answering some of your questions and covering some other aspects of the convention that The Forge will affect.

The Forge is TFNation's home for fan art and crafts, creating a specific area for our creative attendees to promote and display their work. 

Applications will be open to all weekend attendees aged 18 and above, though table space will be limited, in our first year. For ease of organisation, we have divided the area into two sections, please take a moment to read the below breakdown of these sections.

Section 1 – Forge Craft Tables 

- For attendees to promote and display any hand-made craft items.

- Tables cost £20.00.

- Tables are only available to attendees who have purchased a weekend ticket.

- Some crafters produce art prints of their creations. We are happy to allow these, however toys, sketches and art commissions may not be sold here. This is to protect our artists and traders who have invested a lot of time and money into their stalls.

Section 2 - Forge Artist Alley Tables

- For attendees to promote and display any art prints, sketches and art commissions.

- Tables cost £20.00.

- Tables are only available to attendees who have purchased a weekend ticket.

- Toys and craft goods may not be sold here. Again, this is to protect our traders and crafters.

All tables will need to be staffed by the person(s) who paid for them. This is to ensure the safety of your stock and our attendees. The TFNation crew are unable to staff tables.

No fan sales tables … for now

For now, TFNation has taken the decision not to offer a fan sales table (that is, a table where fans may drop off their unwanted toys for sale) at the 2016 event. We will continue to look into the logistics and legality of this area and, if a manageable solution can be found, we will be happy to embrace it in the future. For the time being, people wanting to sell toys must purchase one of our trader tables.

For the protection of all people purchasing tables, the sale of toys, crafts and artwork in public areas of the hotel will not be allowed. This is both to adhere to hotel rules (and in some instances, licensing laws) and also to ensure that the system is fair for those who have paid for a table in good faith.

Additional information regarding The Forge, including how to book, will be released in the coming weeks so keep your optics ready for further Transmissions and TFN Declassified posts.

The TFNation Crew