Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000028
Operation: Third Party Appearance – TFC Toys

TFNation is proud to announce that TFC Toys will be providing their first UK product display at TFNation 2016.

Founded in 2008, many feel that TFC Toys started the Combiner Wars with their immensely popular Hercules figure, a giant six robot/construction vehicle gestalt combiner based on Devastator. The release of Hercules would shape the world of Third Party Transformers for years to come, seeing TFC Toys and various other companies produce a multitude of combining robots. Many have speculated that it was the popularity of these Third Party figures which inspired Hasbro into creating the Combiner Wars line. TFC Toys followed up Hercules with Ares (Predacons), Uranos (Aerialbots) and Prometheus (Protectobots).

Their current combiner, Hades (Breastforce), has been touted as the best Third Party combiner figure made so far. If you haven’t made up your mind on Hades TFC Toys will be providing a finished sample as part of their display. Following Hades their latest announced figures, Poseidon, are based on the Seacons: a six robot combiner-Targetmaster group which not only features "Scramble City limbs" (interchangeable) but also each figure has their original triple-changing gimmick. TFC Toys will be displaying currently available figures, future releases in the form of prototypes and hard-copies, and also their latest designs and concepts for future figures.

TFNation is extremely excited to welcome TFC Toys to TFNation 2016 and are humbled that they have chosen to showcase their incredible line up to European fans at our show.

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Further transmissions to follow.

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