Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000029
Operation: Third Party Appearance – Mastermind Creations and Ocular Max

TFNation is extremely pleased to announce that, in partnership with Kapow Toys, the Third Party company Mastermind Creations will be providing a product display at TFNation 2016.

Mastermind Creations, founded in 2009, have been responsible for some of the most popular Third Party Transformers figures in the past seven years. Their Reformatted line includes Hexatron (Sixshot) and Grand Hexatron (Greatshot), Feral Cons/Feral Rex (Predacons/Predaking) and fan-popular characters such as Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime) and Spartan (Impactor). The mould used for Azalea (Arcee) has allowed for other Fembots to be represented as figures in the form of Zinnia (Paradron Medic), Eupatorium (Elita One) and Salvia Prominon (Solus Prime). Furthermore, Mastermind Creations have found success with their IDW Comics-inspired DJD figures of Cynicus (Vos), Anarchus (Kaon) and Kultur (Tarn), along with the highly anticipated Carnifex (Overlord).

Mastermind Creations have a long history of creating figures based on Transformers comic designs, from Hearts of Steel to More than Meets the Eye. Now thanks to the folks at Kapow Toys, Mastermind Creations shall be showcasing their existing and future release items at TFNation 2016.

But that’s not all. Along with Mastermind Creations we are also pleased to welcome the amazing Ocular Max to TFNation 2016. Ocular Max are the Third Party company (a subsidiary of Mastermind Creations) behind the incredible Sphinx figure (Masterpiece Mirage) and the 1:1 scale Jaguar figure - a Ravage toy which transforms into a cassette tape the size of an actual cassette tape. Ocular Max shall be highlighting their existing and up-and-coming products at TFNation 2016 and are the third, Third Party Transformers company supporting our event.

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Further transmissions to follow.

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