Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000057
Operation: Souvenir Magazine

To assist in your infiltration of the Hilton Metroplex, High Command has provided some useful literature.  Each attendee will receive a copy of the TFNation 2016 souvenir magazine.  A 36 page commemorative publication presented in full colour. No additional cost – it’s yours!

Within the centre pages is a detachable convention guide including;

  1. A map of the hotel
  2. The full programme of events
  3. Some first timer convention tips (courtesy our Adam White)

To borrow a line from the finest Transformers cartoon ever "that's not all, not all by a long shot, not by a long shot no sir!” You see, there is more to this magazine than meets the eye… it actually transforms!  

The inside cover has a gallery of our guests with space set aside for you to get their autographs. Commence transformation by detaching it and you have a beautiful A4 souvenir poster which is just begging to adorn your wall!

The magazine is also filled with a variety of articles. Chris McFeely takes a look at Rhinox in “Living Large”, while Stuart Webb tackles the many incarnations of the Perceptor in “No Mercy For Percy”. Thanks to Philip Ayres we get an appraisal of both characters in their many toy incarnations through the years. Whilst Andy Turnbull takes a look back at the way many people of his age first experienced Transformers The Movie.  The magazine also has a plethora of wonderful artwork for you to feast your optics on, courtesy of Matt Dallas, Herszpalter, Matt Marshall, Chris McFeely, Sora L. Pereira, Ben Pirrie, Ed Pirrie, Gav Spence, Joe Teanby and Andy Turnbull.

All of this wrapped up with front and rear covers from TFNation’s very own Ed Pirrie.

You can pick up your souvenir magazine at our registration desk which will be located in the hotel reception on Friday, and inside the main hall on Saturday and Sunday.

Further transmissions to follow.


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