As our attendees complete their lists of target purchases and plan their attack on the TFNation dealer room, teams of some of Cybertron’s best toy retailers are preparing to touchdown at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole. With so many offers and exclusives on-show, it made sense to list them for our attendees.

ID Toys have gotten in touch with us to let us know that the first 100 customers at their stall will be given a free modern day G1 Takara Decoy. These little red rubber robots are based on some of the 1980 figures which were packaged with various Transformers toys, in the west, and sold as gift packs in Japan. 

Meanwhile the folks from A1 Toys, who are making the trip down from Scotland, will have some San Diego Comic Con exclusive figures for sale, during the show. As the only official re-seller of the SDCC figures outside of the Hasbro store, TFNation is the ideal opportunity to pick up the Titan Returns exclusive figures from A1. 
Whilst we are talking about convention exclusives, if you are after the highly popular (and even more highly e-bay priced) BotCon 2016 figures why not stop by All The Cool Stuff, who may well have something for you.

Kapow Toys and Comic Connections have, in recent months, been advertising that they will both have convention exclusive figures from TFCon and TFCon USA in the form of the amazing tape-bot Scorpinator and the Mastermind Creations Feral Queen and Nero Queen. 

Speaking of Facebook announcements, if you have been following the TFNation 2016 event thread you would have seen the Paul Hiitchens (Spacebridge) recently announced he will have a large collection of mint sealed G1 toys, including Targetmaster Scourge and HotRod up for sale at TFNation. Surely an event to rock every G1 collector’s world. 

Speaking of rock, do stop by the Toy-Fu stall to pick up some Rocklords goodies, while we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this much-maligned, transforming rock/robot sub-line from the Go-Bots. 
That is just a small selection of the wonders that shall be on offer in the TFNation 2016 dealer hall. We have eighteen dealers trading over the weekend, alongside twelve members of the Forge craft area, a host of guests and our own TFNation merchandise, offering you an unrivaled opportunity to enhance your Transformers collection