Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000056
TFNation_2016 Operation: Feed the Autotroopers

With TFNation 2016 just days away, High Command provides this update to help you in staying fully fueled throughout the weekend. 


If you were lucky enough to reserve one of the TFN-rate bedrooms, please remember that they come with free breakfast as standard. The Hilton has increased the diversity of food on offer to give you the best possible start to your weekend mission. 


At various times throughout the weekend, the Hilton will deploy its street food booths around the convention halls. These booths sell a great selection of portable meals at more affordable prices than the regular hotel menu. Perfect for taking into panel rooms to munch whilst you take in a presentation. (Just don’t take it near artwork, displays or toys!)


New for 2016 is the Hilton’s “Corona Bar”. This open-air bar, located at the top of the breakfast hall corridor, overlooks Pendigo lake and provides a great atmosphere for chilling out with friends… err, we mean, for discussing Cybertronian battle tactics.
With a little energon and a lot of sun, the Hilton will be holding an open-air BBQ here on Saturday lunchtime. Not to be missed! 


Many attendees have told us they would appreciate vegan food options.  We have spoken with the Hilton and they have agreed to accommodate us by adding two to three vegan dishes to their street food menu each day of the convention.  They are also going to add a couple of vegan options to the Saturday BBQ.


Being a four star hotel, the Hilton possesses numerous other options to cater for various budgets. The Lounge bar is a relaxed and informal atmosphere for eating bar food. The Boulevard restaurant provides great buffet options, whilst Miller’s Bar provides a more upmarket feel, perfect for special celebrations. (Please note reservations are needed for Millers Bar – please speak to reservations for opening hours) 


If you plan on popping out to the cinema you will already know there is a large new complex called Resorts World, just across Pendigo lake. Providing great retail and dining options at a variety of price points, Resorts World gives you the flexibility to grab a moment of calm before coming back to the hotel bar in the evening!

TFNation 2016 is nearing. Look after yourselves. Stay hydrated. Make sure you eat. Give yourselves every chance to have a thoroughly enjoyable and social weekend!

Further transmissions to follow.


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