Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000044
Operation: Rev and Rule#1: G1 Sideswipe

When the TFN team set up to cover as much of the history of the Transformers as possible, we never thought one of the original heroes would step up to answer the call. Thanks to our great friends at, TFNation will be welcoming one of the original “Lambros” for the weekend, G1 Sideswipe in his Lamborghini Countach mode.

The specs for the car, a description of its styling and our thoughts on its impact can be summed up with JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES, IT'S BEAUTIFUL … and that’s before the engine starts…. Hoo boy! The only element missing from its setup is a jetpack as some other bot keeps “borrowing it” for noble reasons. Bosses, eh?

It goes without saying that the TCH team are massive fans of Transformers, putting their heart and soul into what they do. Sideswipe is here due to their co-ordination and we urge our attendees not just to grab pictures of the car, but to go and chat to Glenn, Jason, Claire and the rest of the team as they have insights into working with the franchise that few will match. Also do seek out their Facebook page and support them, under “transformers car hire”.

Sideswipe will be posing for photos all weekend. For an up close and personal picture a small fee will be charged, so he can keep up that wonderful shine!

Just remember folks, you can’t take him home with you…. If you could, TFN member Adam W already called first dibs! Please note: all Cybertronians appear subject to work commitments.

Further transmissions to follow.


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