TFNation presents

While we tweak the schedule (there’s so much in there, it takes a lot of adjustment, just to make sure everyone gets the maximum choice) we thought we should let you know about the main people who will be hosting these events, guiding the guests through interviews, prompting you to raise questions and possibly asking for even more noise at our opening ceremony, our presenters.

David Wallace:

The Moonbase 2 , Underbase and microbase podcasts, the KalelPrime Youtube channel, the chaos of the old Auto Assembly conventions, it’s fair to say Master Wallace has more than left his mark in the Transformers community. Dave was one of the first people to join the TFNation team and he has been working tirelessly to make sure this year’s attendees get the most out of their weekend. Of course, given his presenting style, that will also include more than a few laughs, a lot of cheering and maybe just the odd crowd chant or two.

Petrina Witt:

Joining Dave on stage will be his Microbase podcast partner-in-crime Petrina Witt who, after volunteering at previous Transformer conventions, is finally joining the stage team, much to the delight of all at TFN Towers. You can blame Transformers Armada for enticing Petrina into the TF community, and she has been a fan ever since, juggling her interest in giant fighting robots with a fascination with vintage cars, bridges (she is studying mechanical engineering, it’s a common trait, apparently) and other corporate work. Expect to see Petrina at many of the panels and interviews, as well as the main events, so please make her feel welcome at TFNation. Besides, she will have to contain Wallace…. She will need our support!

That other chap…..

So some of you will, no doubt, be wondering where this news leaves the striped bearer of fire drills, also known as Billy Edwards. With so much going into our first event, Billy is going to be working to ensure all our attendees have the best possible time, and so that means taking a step back from the bulk of the work on-stage. He will still pop up (he isn’t going anywhere folks) so don’t fret, but this move allows him to contribute more to the event… plus we are all buzzed that Petrina is joining our stage team!