Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000055
Operation: Sins of the Wreckers

TFNation 2016 may be just four days away but do not fall into the Decepticon trap of believing we are all out of surprises.  There’s one nearby… real nearby…

We are thrilled to confirm that in collaboration with TFN guest Nick Roche, we are able to bring you the “Sins of the Wreckers” trade paperback, ahead of its release!

Somebody has kidnapped Prowl… but does anybody want him back?  After a five year wait, it’s time to call upon the Wreckers once again in this highly anticipated sequel to “Last Stand of the Wreckers”.

Nick will have a limited number of the books available at his stall.  So if you wish to grab the book before it hits stores AND get it signed by the writer and artist himself, this is the perfect opportunity!

If you are not lucky enough to nab a copy from Nick then fear not, TFNation will also have a run of books on hand.  We will be giving them away all weekend as part of our free door prizes and various competitions we will be running!  Why? Because we are so happy that you have all supported us through our first year, that we wanted to share the Wrecker love with you.

Sins of the Wreckers:

Four days people – get ready to Wreck and Rule at TFNation 2016!

Further transmissions to follow.


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