Time for a long overdue guest announcement for TFN: Mini-Con® - we're thrilled to announce we'll be joined in Manchester by Transformers comic book artist Ed Pirrie!

A longstanding member of the Transformers UK fan and convention community, Ed provided numerous colour assists over the years before making his official debut on cover art for Transformers issue 20, "Rise of the Decepticons: Swindle's". Subsequently, he provided covers for the ongoing Transformers and Beast Wars books, and interior artwork for Transformers issue 43 and the "Fate of Cybertron" Special.

Away from the Transformers, Ed's other credits include work on Andrew Wildman's "Horizon" and Panini's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" UK.

TFN: Mini-Con® is a single day convention for Transformers fans which is being held at the Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester, UK, on 25th March 2023! Click here to buy your tickets today!