The Big Broadcast of 2021 is almost upon us, but no Summer TFNation would be complete without the creative offerings of our community and the wonder of our Trader hall! With that in mind, we're today announcing plans to showcase the TFN Forge & Trader experiences at The Big Broadcast of 2021!

  1.  Location, Location, Location.

Rather than hosting some Artist Alley on another platform out of sight and out of mind, we want to locate our Forge and Traders on the main TFNation Big Broadcast page, where you belong. By visiting you’ll see our "Main Hall" stream is now joined by tabs which will take you to a "Trader Hall" and "Forge Hall". 

  1.  How does it work?

The new "Trader Hall" and "Forge Hall" tabs will allow attendees to easily move between different areas of the online event, just like you would at an in-person convention. Just think of them as different rooms on the same corridor. Use the Halls to promote your offerings to attendees, either live, with a pre-recorded showreel, or by simply leaving a link to your websites.

  1.  Cost & Eligibility. 

To be eligible for a digital hall space, you must have previously hired physical tables/booths at one of our in-person events. We’ve taken this decision in order to thank our existing Forgers and Traders for their support over the years. As a further show of gratitude on our part, digital hall space will be provided at no cost to you.

  1.  What do we need to do?

If you want to apply for digital hall space, you need to email us at using the subject FORGE or TRADER by Sunday 8th August 2021. When emailing, please include the following information;

  1.  The Display Name you want us to use for you. (No swearing permitted);
  2.  If you are planning on streaming your offerings, please provide your Twitch or YouTube live URLs;
  3.  A link to your online store/webpage where you are offering sales;
  4.  Store logo (255 x 128 pixel minimum, but 250 x 233 preferred);
  5.  Page Bio (5,000 character limit)
  6.  Please also feel free to provide links to any of your social handles you may be using, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, etc (but please remember to tell us what they’re for!)

The Halls will of course be monitored through the day, so please keep your offerings family friendly. Normal TFN Forge and Trader rules will apply.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update – we can’t want to see you at TFNation’s The Big Broadcast of 2021!