Gregg Berger, voice of the original leader of the Dinobots will be smashing his way into the Big Broadcast of 2020, returning to TFN once more! 

Berger has reprised his defining role of Grimlock in the Transformers Devastation and Transformers Fall of Cybertron video game series, and most recently in the Machinima Power of the Primes web series. He has also been the voice of Skyfire (Jetfire), Long Haul, and several others various media incarnations of the Transformers - and beyond: video games fans will remember him as Jecht in Final Fantasy X, Eeyore from Kingdom Hearts, and the villain Ripto in the Spyro series.
Gregg Berger will appear alongside many of his Transformers voice actor colleagues on August 15th for the Big Broadcast 2020, airing on Twitch and the TFNation website. 
Till All Are One!