Just in case you were not able to join us for tonight's TFN: Livestream, here's a recap of TFNation's latest announcements!

A big role for an artsy bot, voice actor Jeremy Levy will be joining the TFN Big Broadcast of 2020 to talk about his role as Bumblebee in Transformers Cyberverse! Levy has portrayed the Cybertronian scout for the entirety of the most recent animated show, as well as in Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy (where he also voices Perceptor and Josh). You may also recognise him from Pokémon: Sun & Moon as a variety of characters.

Levy has been attempting to write Tommy Wiseau's infamous The Room into a musical - so far, instead, he's written, directed, and produced a number of short films, such as The Gift of Magioli.

Jeremy Levy will appear alongside one of his Cyberverse writers Mae Catt, and all of our other robot-adjacent guests, on August 15th for the Big Broadcast 2020, airing on Twitch and the TFNation website. See you all there!

Power chording into our channels, musical legend Stan Bush will be joining the Big Broadcast of 2020, returning to TFN after the big concert of 2018. Bush has been involved with the Transformers franchise since the soundtrack of the original animated movie in 1986 and has provided tracks and notes for Cybertronian sparks and human hearts ever since - as well as being found in the likes of Winnie-The-Pooh, Sailor Moon... and the 1996 Olympics!

Bush's musical career has produced several singles, studio albums, and multiple collaborations, which have thrilled fans for decades!

Stan Bush will appear alongside voice actors, writers, and artists on August 15th for the Big Broadcast 2020, airing on Twitch and the TFNation website. Till All Are One!

Remember, TFN will be streaming content at 7:00pm BST every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in the run-up to The Big Broadcast of 2020 - join us at TFNation.com/live to watch things unfold!