Dear TFNationals,

It's great to see so many Transformers fans ready for the return of TFNation. Whether you’re posting on fan sites, hashtagging on social media or answering con-questions on YouTube, we’ve heard your excitement and we share it! But for now, we need to give you updated information about our Covid-19 measures.

Since our Covid-19 policy was launched at the beginning of the year, the landscape has changed dramatically. Most notably the UK Government has withdrawn domestic covid passes for events, which we were looking to rely upon as proof of vaccination status. One by one, international borders have reopened and large events have returned around the world.

The end result is, whilst we remain committed to safety and well-being, it is now going to be impossible for us to try and enforce our original policy, given the world around us has changed so much. We’ve explored several different avenues but ultimately, we don’t like any response which would see attendees being treated differently based on the place they call home - that’s not the TFN way.

Our revised policy is therefore as follows;

  1. We strongly recommend attendees obtain all of the vaccinations and booster jabs available to them, provided your pre-existing health makeup allows you to do so. (Please seek qualified medical advice, local to you).
  2. We see TFN as a mask-friendly zone and we encourage attendees who feel more comfortable in masks to wear them without worry. As the Government has removed the necessity for masks to be worn in hospitality settings, it is likely you will encounter members of the public who are not masked as we share the hotel with other events and guests, so it may provide you with some reassurance to carry your own.
  3. We strongly recommend attendees take a lateral flow test prior to travelling, just for peace of mind. Whilst the UK Government has unfortunately removed free access to these for most people, they can still be bought for a small price at pharmacies.
  4. If you are displaying symptoms, please do not travel. (In relation to that point, it remains our advice that attendees should always have appropriate travel insurance in place prior to commencing their journey).

We would also like to take this opportunity to name some of the new measures and considerations we are putting in place to keep you safe;

  • We will be encouraging attendees to maintain good hygiene, with frequent hand washing. Hand sanitiser will be freely available in various locations around the event, including every public bathroom.
  • We have taken the decision to implement separate queuing systems, to try and afford attendees additional comfort when waiting to enter our various event halls. New signage and (not so new) crew members will be on hand to point you in the right direction.
  • Perhaps the biggest change, we have redesigned our trader hall floor plan. We’ve always done our best to provide extra wide aisles compared to similarly sized events, but the new floorplan will see us affording additional space around doors and at the guest area of the hall, so attendees can more easily practise social distancing when queuing, should they wish to do so.

If all goes to plan you may not notice these additional changes, but we wanted to bring them to your attention so you know we’re doing all we can to keep your safety and comfort at the forefront of our thoughts, at a time when most measures have been removed by the Government. Of course, if you have any reservations about the change in policy then please feel free to contact us at as we are always happy to talk with attendees.

Thanks for taking the time to read this extra long post - we’ll get back to big fighting robots really soon! We can’t wait to see you in August!

Til All Are One

TFN Crew