On 27th July, ASLEF, a Trade Union which represents many UK railway workers, announced nine different UK railway companies will be holding a one day strike on Saturday 13th August 2022.

ASLEF’s full announcement regarding the planned industrial action can be found here: https://aslef.org.uk/news/aslef-train-drivers-strike-nine-companies-august

As the planned industrial action falls on the Saturday of TFNation 2022, we feel it is important for TFNationals to be aware and consider the below points when planning their journey to the convention;

  1. If you were due to travel by train, please check to see if your train is still running. At the time of writing, not all railway companies associated with ASLEF have decided to strike, so your train may still be running.
  2. If your train is running, please keep in mind it is likely to be very busy as passengers from other services may switch to services which are unaffected. Arriving at the station in good time before your scheduled departure, and having a seat reservation can often be helpful.
  3. Cancellations often impact the following day’s trains, so if you were planning to travel by rail on the Sunday, please check to see if your preferred trains are still running.
  4. If you find your train has been cancelled as a result of industrial action, you will be entitled to a refund from the operator you bought your ticket from. Please see the operator’s website for details.
  5. Consider alternatives. Car-sharing and coaches are good options. Likewise, it may actually work out better for you to arrive on Friday, rather than Saturday, if you are in a position to do so. Please see the accommodation page of our website for tips.
  6. Finally, roads are likely to be busier than normal as people move away from trains on the Saturday (and possibly Sunday) so if you’re driving, do leave yourself extra time to travel safely.

If there are any updates to the situation we will bring them to you, but please keep a close eye on the news and always check your travel method before beginning your journey, to keep your travel as stress free as possible. Stay hydrated and get those TFN playlists ready!

Til All Are One

TFN Crew