TFNation 2022 Discounted Hilton Bedroom Information

Whether you're a returning TFNational, or a first-time convention-goer, we know hotel accommodation is an important part of your TFN planning. This year there is more to consider than ever before, as we try our best to accommodate Rollover ticket holders, new ticket holders and our own event crew. We've therefore written this post which will hopefully answer all of your questions about staying at TFNation 2022.

1. When can I book my room?

Room sales have been slightly delayed this year as the Hilton Metropole has been undergoing a major renovation. We've now arranged for the bedroom reservation site to be available by the weekend of 7th and 8th May 2022. (We will explain below why two dates are being used). Please consider this your advance warning!

For Traders and Forge Stall Holders (whose invoices have been paid) you will be emailed separately with instructions for booking your bedrooms in due course as the process is a little different for you.

2. Discounted rates

The Hilton Birmingham Metropole has offered the following discounted rates to TFNation 2022 attendees;

  • £77.78 per night for single occupancy rooms (including breakfast)
  • £90.00 per night for twin / double occupancy rooms (including breakfast)

3. Family rooms

If your party consists of two adults and one (or more) child aged 12 or under, the Hilton may be able to accommodate you with one of its special family packages. Our best advice here is to book a suitable double room for two adults, then call the hotel to ask whether your booking can be upgraded to a family package. (Please note: additional costs may apply).

Please note, we do not have access to any rooms which can sleep three or more adults. Our best advice here is for you to purchase two adjoining rooms, which is possible from our booking page.

4. Deposit

You will need to pay a deposit at the time of booking, equivalent to the price of one night in your room.

This deposit will be non-refundable, and non-transferable. So it's really important that you only book the room if you are confident you will make the event.

You will not need to pay for the rest of your stay until you are checking out of the hotel. (The deposit will count as your first night)

5. How does the booking system work?

As so many attendees supported us by rolling over their tickets, we believe it's only fair that they be given priority to reserve a bedroom. We will therefore be naming two different booking windows;

Rollover Window: Rollover ticket holders will be able to access the bedrooms reservation website from 12pm (BST) on Saturday 7th May 2022. At this time you will need to log into your TFNation account, where you will then find the hotel button. Clicking this will take you to the booking area.

Public Window: Will apply to people who have now bought a ticket, but who did not rollover. The same system as above will apply only your window will open 24 hours later at 12pm (BST) on Sunday 8th May 2022. At the same time that the Public Window goes live, we will also update our website so that people buying new tickets are automatically presented with the Hotel button after their purchase.

We encourage all attendees to check your login details now, to ensure you don't have a rush to find them when your booking window opens.

6. A word on Thursday & Monday

Over the years, we know many of you have decided to lengthen your stay at the hotel, be that to assist with your travel plans or just so you can soak up a little more of the TFN spirit. This year is a little different as a major international event is taking place in Birmingham up until the day before TFNation officially begins.

Presently that means there is no availability for Thursday; if this changes we will let you know. There is, however, some availability for the Monday after the event, as usual.

7. As a Rollover Ticket Holder, will I be guaranteed a bedroom?

Sadly, no. As we remind our attendees every year, there are more than twice as many TFNationals as there are bedrooms at the Hilton (which is the UK's largest events hotel outside of London). That means even before we factor in other events and members of the public, it is sadly not possible for everybody to be guaranteed a room. This year more than ever, with a priority queue for a large number of rollover ticket holders, we imagine rooms will initially sell out very quickly.

8. How does the hotel reservation system work?

The Hilton computer is smart, but it's no Teletraan-1. Think of it like a game of connect four (or more likely three, this year). If you want a room for three nights, and all three nights are free, then the computer will be happy. But if ANY one of those three nights is not free, you'll get an error message.

The trick is to start small. Try one day at a time. By process of elimination, you'll see which day is the culprit! Book the nights you can - remember, you've got until August to fill any gaps and rooms do free up as people change their plans.

9. Will TFN get any more rooms later?

This is unlikely and in part depends on the other events we are sharing the hotel with. Historically, we have always seen some cancellations in the first couple of weeks. So keep checking back because if somebody drops out, you may get lucky and find that room! You're free to keep checking right up until the weekend of the convention.

10. Alternatives

If you're not lucky enough to grab your preferred room at the Hilton, don't panic! You can still have a fantastic time visiting TFNation! The NEC area has lots of hotels within a short distance of the convention, including a newly finished Hilton Garden Inn on the doorstep of the airport. We will have some alternative hotel information on our website

Pro-tip! Hotels usually reserve some rooms for public sale. So join Hilton Honors as a backup. Just remember to check the terms of any rooms you book, as they may be different to the TFN deal.

11. Parking

Residents parking at the hotel is £12.00 per night, with a slight increase for non-resident day rates. Additional parking is also available at the nearby NEC and Resorts World, though we would encourage you to check the rates before you travel.

Till all are one

- TFN Crew