We're bringing some more local artist talent to TFNation 2022, and a welcome return to a regular guest - colourist and writer John-Paul Bove!

Bove is a versatile creator, working on both writing and art sides of comics, ever since the fan project Transformers: Mosaics. You probably know him best for his undertaking for the Hachette Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection, where he was in charge of colouring old black and white TF strips to maintain visual cohesion with the regular issues; you may also recognise his work in IDW's Drift: Empire of Stone, ReGeneration One, War's End, along with Dungeons and Dragons, GI Joe, and more!

JP Bove will be joining us for TFNation 2022, scanner at the ready, perhaps. Stay tuned for more details on the TFNation website -- where All Are One!