We have updated our guidance notes on the application page for Forge Stall holders to clarify the point relating to the use of official logos. A copy of the update can be read below.

For anyone selling as part of The Forge the following rules are to ensure any items on sale may not be construed as attempting to pass themselves off as official Transformers products and therefore be seen as counterfeit.

  • TRANSFORMERS LOGOS - Please note no merchandise available in the Forge can have any of the various Transformer logos included on them.
  • FACTION SYMBOLS - where a major focus of the merchandise is the display of any of the faction symbols in original or an altered, stylised or distressed fashion these are not permitted. If the logo is as part of an image of a character/characters then this would be allowed. E.G. a keychain of a faction symbol (UNACCEPTABLE), a keychain of a robot with a faction symbol on it's person ACCEPTABLE).
  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove items which do not meet these guidelines. Please feel free to ask in advance if you are unsure about any potential issues with your items.