2020 will see us celebrate the 5th anniversary of TFNation, a show which has grown by over 500 people (160%) in that time. We truly expect TFNation 2020 to be the largest show we have put on, with the potential of hosting over 1500 Transformers fans.Our attendees save all year for the show and they are not shy about parting with their hard-earned cash at TFNation. After previous shows we have been approached by many happy traders who have had their most profitable Transformers shows (in some cases their most profitable show period). In 2019 we expanded our trader hall, doubling the space. However, as we sold out of space last year, for 2020 we are looking to expand further.

If you have some items that you are looking to sell, why not team up with another attendee for the weekend and purchase a trader table. The cost is only £50 more than two standard weekend tickets, so you will be able to reduce the cost and could make a decent profit on top.

For 2020 we have changed how the trader prices are structured, so please make sure you read carefully.

2019 also saw us move The Forge from its side room into the main hall. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from this we have decided to once again keep The Forge in this location, to help highlight the talented community that we have. We have also listened to feedback and are opening up Forge tables for toy customisers.

Trader Pricing

Table Spaces consist of three 6x2 1/2ft tables with an additional 6x2 1/2ft space, totalling 6ft by 10ft. Standard setup would be two tables at the back and one at the front, although you are free to move the tables around as you like within the allocated space. Additional space comes at a reduced rate and will come with 3 additional tables (per space).

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide power to the tables.

**Final hall layout to be confirmed at a later date

  • 6ft by 10 ft (includes 3 tables, 2 weekend tickets) - £200
  • 12ft by 10ft (includes 6 tables, 2 weekend tickets) - £350
  • 18ft by 10ft (includes 9 tables, 3 weekend tickets) - £500
  • 24ft by 10ft (includes 12 tables, 3 weekend tickets) - £630
  • 30ft by 10ft (includes 15 tables, 4 weekend tickets) - £760
  • 36ft by 10ft (includes 18 tables, 4 weekend tickets) - £870
  • 42ft by 10ft (includes 21 tables, 5 weekend tickets) - £980
  • 48ft by 10ft (includes 24 tables, 6 weekend tickets) - £1070

Trader applications can be found online here. All trader applications must be processed online. Space is limited so please apply as early as possible. You will not be invoiced until March 2020.

Forge Pricing

Forge tables consist of one 6x2 1/ft table which can be shared by up to three attendees. Forge prices do not include ticket prices, as they can be shared amongst attendees. There are strict rules for Forge tables:

  • No Official Merchandise
  • No Official Logos are to appear on any items
  • Customised toys can be sold, all figures must be modified

Forge applications can be found online here. No money will be taken until Forge applications have been closed.