Since its inception, TFNation has ensured that attendees leave not only with treasured memories but also treasured mementos in the form of our convention exclusives. You may be wondering, then, what treats we have in store for you this year, and how to get hold of them. Just keep reading!


Yes, you! Now you can be part of the robot action, by picking up this year’s TFNation exclusive Adventure Game Book. You read that right: you will personally be plunged deep into the dark and fantastic Cybertron from Beast Machines. Charged by the Oracle with a vital task which, if you succeed, may save countless lives – Maximal and Predacon alike. The price of failure is spark extraction. Will you take up the challenge, and be the hero that Cybertron needs?


We’re proud to be part of an extremely creative fanbase, and we’re bringing those of you who need to channel that creativity the TFNation 2019 Colouring/Activity Book. For attendees under the age of 12, you’ll get yours when you get your tickets absolutely free of charge. For the slightly older children among you, fret not – you will be able to purchase a copy as well.

We will announce prices and open preorders soon

**Please note**

While will have some copies available for general sale over the weekend, these will be in limited quantities. If you want to avoid the disappointment of missing out then make sure you preorder.

All purchases of TFNation exclusives contribute to our donation to Mary’s Meals, the charity that helps provide free school meals to children worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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