Oh, that shark-con,
Talks in sweet verse,
The finest words, on... Cybertron.
But Peter Spellos,
He don't play alone, bots...
He's got his own show - starring the Improvacons!

And now, for something completely different! TFNation is excited to introduce a special segment for our 2019 Saturday night show, starring... The Improvacons!

The Improvacons is an acting improvisation group, headed up by TFNation guest, Peter Spellos (voice of RID: SkyByte). Throughout the year, Peter hosts classes in London and Indianapolis, where he relays his years of acting and comedy improv' knowledge to groups of enthusiastic fans. Peter's American collectives have hosted several public performances, but now it's the turn of the UK group! With games, sketches and skits, we're certain this live improv' event will have something for everybody!

The Improvacons set will take place on the Saturday evening of TFNation, right after our annual Club-Con event. Like Club-Con, you will need a weekend ticket to attend, but there will be no additional entrance charge. Like all TFNation events, attendance will be subject to hall capacities.

Attendees are welcome to bring their children to this seated event but are advised that there may be some adult humour. Parental discretion is advised.

Peter Spellos, the Improvacons and all of the crew look forward to welcoming you to TFNation - where all are one - on 16th - 18th August 2019!