Those keeping an optic on TFN's transmissions will recall our recent announcement that Boulder Media - the Dublin based talent hub behind Transformers: Cyberverse - will be sending some of their highest ranking creators to the convention this August!

Boulder Media's Q&A panel is going to be like nothing else in the Cyberverse. As you might expect, it is important that we don't accidentally spoil future episodes of the show. We are therefore asking you to pre-submit your questions for consideration - and we're hoping this will also give you the chance to get creative: will you ask Ehud and Jean about their duties in Directing episodes? Or are you more interested in Marco's experience as the show's Art Director? This is a rare chance to submit questions to the production team of a series which is still being created - don't miss out!

Questions can be emailed to using the heading BOULDER MEDIA. Alternatively, you can pose your questions on Twitter by using the hashtag #TFNQuestions (we hope you will understand that questions which do not use these search terms will not be picked up... our tech bots are good, but they are not quite at Teletraan levels yet). The deadline for question submissions is Midnight UK time, on 31st July 2019.

Will your questions be selected? Find out at the show!

The Boulder Media team will be appearing at TFNation between 16th and 18th August 2019. Head over to to secure your tickets today, and to ensure you receive all announcements, by joining our mailing list!