It is with great pleasure that we can reveal the cover for the TFNation 2018 exclusive Ladybird inspired book The Decepticons' Time Terror!

The artwork is by TFNation 2018 guest Mike Collins with colours provided by Kris Carter. As you may remember, Mike provided the art for the first four Ladybird Transformers books back in the day.

Decepticons' Time Terror is written by Matt Marshall and Ralph Burns and features art from Herzspalter, Chris McFeely, Ed Pirrie, Gavin Spence, Andy Turnbull, Garry Bodsworth, Kris Carter, Coralus, Matt Dallas, Andrew Kiernan, Sora L Pereira, Chris Phillips, Ben Pirrie, Liam Shalloo, Shibara, Kris Smith, Vanessa Sutherland, Aelx (Eph) Tarca) Joe Teanby, and Adam (Zerokaiser) Worden.

Preorders are open now and just £6 will ensure you get a copy. Preorders closes next week but we will have a limited number of copies available to buy over the convention weekend, but the only way to guarantee you get your copy is to preorder.

Now as with last year's Trial and Error book the proceeds from sales of the book will be going to Mary's Meals, a charity the TFNation community has long supported, so you'll be getting a fun read and doing your bit for a worthy cause.