TFN declassified: Cubcon Information

Hey TFNationals, Billy here!

The crew is doing a fantastic job making sure everything will be ready for you in a few short weeks!  We've never really been keen on attendance numbers, but yes, this year is going to be very busy.  Probably the busiest TF show Europe has ever seen.  It's going to be amazing - but to pull everything off smoothly, we're going to need your help!

I'm afraid there is no shorthand way to do this so, if you'd be so kind, I would like to steal your attention for five minutes whilst I give you a good old-fashioned info dump.  I promise to keep it as concise as possible, but whether you are a first timer or a returning attendee, this post will contain some important information about your Saturday evening at TFNation 2018.


Clubcon is our Saturday evening event.  After the trader's hall has closed, we move to an evening of entertainment in the Kings Suite - here you will be treated to our amazing attendees' cosplay creations, as well as our highly anticipated live script reading.  

Remember - you can only attend Clubcon if you hold a full weekend ticket.

This year you will notice a change in the layout of Clubcon.  Where we have previously used large banquet tables, we will instead be moving to theatre style seating (i.e: no tables).  This is so we can cater for the increased numbers of people who have bought weekend tickets this year.  Of course, all convention segments are subject to room capacity - so removing those huge tables will really help us to give everybody some much needed room for comfort.


(Yes.  Bit of a pun.  Not sorry!)

Okay so, this is the big one.  After Clubcon ends, the crew has 60 minutes to transform the room into a concert venue.  And I really do mean transform.  Trust me, removing hundreds of chairs is the easy part - we'll be going full on Constructicon on that room.

BUT - we can only start once everybody has made their way out.  Gotta keep you all safe whilst we're Devastating the stage.  So we are going to need your help to make this happen.  We'll give an announcement on the day, but in summary, we'll need you to leave in a prompt, orderly fashion.  Once the doors are shut, we'll get our T-Cogs into gear!  During that time you'll be free to go back to your rooms, or mingle in the hotel bar.

That's all for now.  Thanks a lot for reading this - if you have any more questions specific to these issues, please feel free to send them over to and we will make sure they are addressed for you!

See you soon!

Billy & the TFN Crew