Transmission ID: 00033
Operation: Do I Have a Deal For You

We have another panel to offer people attending TFNation 2018 this August, and it might satisfy the curiosity of those wondering what it’s like on the other side of the transaction, the table or the PayPal order you just confirmed: What is it like to be a trader of Transformers toys and action figures?

Answering that question, and any others you might have, will be the following fine gentlemen:

Paul Hitchens from The Spacebridge, with over 20 years of experience in the field and in the fandom; Andy Rose from Kapow! Toys, arguably the biggest UK trader currently active; Nick Wells from InDemand Toys, with his experience of many shows, and both online and brick & mortar shopping; and finally Nick Davidson from ToyFu, on a different kind of trading, in that all profits go to charity rather than to the business. They will talk about their personal experience as traders, and discuss the trials, tribulations and challenges of catering to the fandom, and how it has all changed over the years.

So for a different look at what toy collecting entails in the Transformers fandom, make sure to attend this panel during our weekend event next month – and then perhaps go spend some more money at the panellists’ stalls.
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