Dear attendees,

Your road to TFNation 2017 just got real.

This will be a longer and more detailed post than usual, because we have a lot of information to convey, and we want to do this as clearly as possible. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more posts on this topic, to answer any questions that arise.


  • 11th January 2017 – We will announce our updated ticket pricing for 2017.
  • 18th January 2017 - We will announce prices of the TFNation allocation of Hilton hotel rooms, along with advice on booking your stay at the Hilton, or elsewhere.
  • 1st February 2017 - We will release TFNation 2017 tickets for general sale. (Exact time to be confirmed nearer the date).

Applications for The Forge and for other events such as our Cosplay competition will be announced at a later date.  Likewise, volunteer applications shall be dealt with later.


After our first year, we have looked at our ticketing structure and made some adjustments, based on attendee feedback.

WEEKEND TICKETS will still afford access to the entire convention from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August, with entry times to be confirmed. This includes access to the Saturday night event. A weekend ticket is the ONLY ticket which will grant you access to the Friday programme and the Saturday night event. Weekend tickets also give you earlier access to the trading hall on both SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

DAY TICKETS will be available from the first day of sales. This year we will be introducing a SATURDAY ticket as well as the SUNDAY ticket. Day tickets will allow you access to the hall and convention activities, with a delayed entry time (compared to the weekend ticket), on either SATURDAY or SUNDAY. They will NOT grant access to the Friday programme or the Saturday night event.

To clarify, FRIDAY is a non-trading day and we will NOT be releasing day tickets for this date. Access to Friday’s convention events will be for weekend ticket-holders only.


 We will be expanding the age range for free child tickets, allowing more adults (the big kids) the chance to bring their families with them.  Further details to follow.


Due to the impact of Brexit (many of our guests and suppliers are based overseas) as well as our desire to implement more ideas, we will be amending our adult ticket prices. As a fully registered UK company, we have to ensure we are run efficiently… but as members of the community ourselves, we’d rather let you know that there will be a price adjustment ahead of time.


This section is incredibly important, so please read it carefully.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TFNATION SITE, you simply need to head over to on release day, to book your tickets. Once your payment is received, the website will automatically create an account for you, to make the process easier for you in the future.

IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING PROFILE, please sign in and check your information is up to date BEFORE release day. If you cannot remember your password then there is an option to reset it.

PLEASE NOTE – everybody who booked a ticket to TFNation 2016 should already have a website profile. We strongly recommend that you go to the website NOW, to check that you know your log in details. If you have forgotten your log in, the TFNation Tech-Bots will have more opportunity to help you now, than if you wait until the date tickets go on sale, when our team will be incredibly busy.

The following issues were all experienced by attendees last year, in the months after booking tickets:

1) Signed up under a fake name (to preserve identity) and then forgot fake name meaning they could no longer access the website.

2) Booked ticket under a friend’s profile then forgot which friend or assumed they had booked themselves.

3) Used parental email (for security) and then forgot their details.

4) Changed email server due to house/job changes, but did not update TFNation with their new email address.

If you think any of these issues may apply to you, we advise you to try to log in as soon as possible.

Remember, if you cannot retrieve your log in details, the TFNation Tech-Bots can assist. We simply ask that you please do you best to minimize their workload, by checking BEFORE ticket release day. If you fail to check your details now, and then find you cannot log in on release day, you may well miss out on that all important hotel room.


Once an attendee has purchased their ticket, they will then be directed to a TFNation section of the Hilton’s booking website. We will explain this process (and hotel room prices) in more detail closer to the time.

We will also provide information on alternative accommodation as we expect the Hilton allocation to sell out very quickly.


Over the next 9 months, we will be rolling out more guests, including voice actors and other notable members of the Transformers community. Along with this, we will also be providing more information on the convention’s structure, as well as guides to travel and advice on how you can submit your own ideas for TFNation 2017.