As the spectre of the jolly red and white fellow (Santa not Jetfire) approaches, the TFNation crew will be in attendance at a couple of Transformers-related events, and would love to see you there.

Friday 16th December, from 5pm to 7pm.
Orbital Comics London
LOST LIGHT signing, featuring James Roberts and Jack Lawrence

Jack and James rock up to Orbital’s fantastic West End store to sign copies of LOST LIGHT and will hear your pleas for clemency regarding those favourite characters you would prefer didn’t get killed in the near future.

While you are there, make sure you check out Orbital’s gallery display of Jack Lawrence’s artwork, covering a wide array of titles, including his recent TF work. If you have some pennies free, you can also check out their selection of TF figures, from G1 to current, or try and persuade partners to add them to your stockings.

Saturday 17th December, from 2pm to 6pm 
(Movie screening from 7pm to 22pm)
Travelling Man Manchester
LOST LIGHT signing, featuring James Roberts, Nick Roche and Jack Lawrence

Manchester’s friendliest comicbook store plays host not only to Jack and James, but writer/artist Nick Roche as well! The trio will spend the afternoon signing comics, scripts and prints, causing chaos (of the good kind) and chatting with fans. All three guests started their careers as part of the UK Transmasters fan community and that love of the characters is always evident when they speak with fans of the franchise. 

In the evening, the store will also be screening the 86 animated movie, which we can assume will be a noisy and good-natured affair. There are limited places for this screening, so make sure to let the store team know by signing up to their Facebook event page at

Both of these events deserve a strong turnout so please share this news with as many TF Fans as possible!

If you see any of the TFN crew about, come over and say hello. We will be wearing our glamorous t-shirts, so it will difficult to miss us, so do come over and ask us any questions you have about the TFN crew, our 2017 event or anything Cybertronian.

TFNation launch tickets, bedrooms, pricing, further guests and activities will be announced in the coming months. Keep monitoring this frequency. If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at

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