TFN Declassified: - Entry 2: Defining extra alt-modes

Think of this post as the equivalent of that first TFNation hug you share with an old friend. You might not have spoken much of late, but you still think the world of each other, and it takes mere moments for everyone to flip back to that familiar convention buzz….. feels good, doesn’t it?
Yes we have been a bit quiet of late… but expect a few extra posts coming out this month, as we return to our regular service, boosted by a few improvements. What sort of things can you expect? Well, for a start, the potential to effect change.

Changes are a-comin’

In our first year, we worked hard to bring many new elements into the weekend, from ticket booking, layout and organisation, to special-use rooms and new events. Building on that, we are looking forward to unveiling more additions, alongside The Forge and other elements that debuted last year, with those also tweaked and improved.
But while we are working on our own ideas, we also need to adapt to wider changes going on around us, and some of these look set to impact the way we run elements of our convention, going forward. In regards to any major TFN changes, rest assured we will be seeking your feedback and ideas, keeping our aim to be the very best of convention weekends…. and no…relax… there’s nothing to fret over, We like spending mad weekends with you.... and we want to keep doing that.\


You didn’t think we had forgotten about announcing more guests, did you? After revealing a storming series of guests making their first ever appearances at a UK TF convention (Perez, Terzo, Lawrence, Pitre-Durocher and freaking Bob freaking Budiansky) we took a well-deserved breather… and then focused on bringing something a little different to the mix, inspired by certain convention aspects of the last few years. We will be announcing something shortly, and we are sure you will appreciate it. In addition to that, there are some other folks limbering up to meet you wonderful lot… and we will be announcing those guests over the next few months.
The New Giant-Sized TFNation Team

With so much going on, it’s no surprise TFN Towers needed a few more people to step up and we are blessed to have been joined by a couple of wonderfully creative folk as part of our expanded team. We won’t share their details yet (they are still getting used to the Techbot twosome, after all) but we wanted them to know how pleased and honoured we are to have them on-board. Now, with that done, GET BACK TO THE CONFETTI MACHINES, YOU GREASY COGS!!!!
So that's our update.... we know it’s later than usual and, while it doesn’t scream NEWS, trust us when we say there’s more… much more, to come. We are looking at a very busy August, with a lot of new attendees already looking to make TFNation 2017 their first ever TF convention experience! To them, and to our returning friends, don't worry.... we got this.... it's gonna be awesome.

The TFN Team