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Operation: Hal Rayle and Maggie Roswell to attend TFNation 2017

We are honoured to announce two very special guests for TFNation 2017 as the husband and wife team of Hal Rayle and Maggie Roswell join UK fans for the very first time, for something a little different!

To Transformers fans, Hal is best known as G1 Snarl – the surly Stegosaurus member of the Dinobots. A character so tough he was actually created to bring his fellow Dinobots in line!

In addition to voicing the coolest set of solar panels to grace a 80’s kids toy, Hal also voiced Shrapnel throughout the G1 series and the 1986 Transformers Animated movie, (not so tough, we admit) the reptilian Skuxxoid race (relatively tough, depending on payments owed) and finally the VERY TOUGH AND VERY MUCH ALIVE Autobot Pipes in Five Faces of Darkness.

Outside of Transformers, Hal's work could be heard in a number of classic 80s and 90s animations, voicing Arzon in Visionaries, Deep Six in Action Force, Prince Kro-Tan in Defenders of the Earth, Lieutenant Commander Steel in Swat Kats and numerous other appearances in shows such as Galaxy High, TMNT and Universal Animation's Back to the Future, in which he clocked up over 65 separate voices alone.

In live-action projects, Hal has leant his voice to many strange creatures including the Predator in Predator2, all the Ghoulies in Ghoulies and, as his first IMDB credit, voicing an Ewok in Caravan of Courage.

Given our attendees are displaying a growing interest in the technicalities behind the mic of voice acting, we couldn't resist the opportunity to bring in someone from the biggest animated series of all time. So it gives us great pleasure in welcoming The Simpsons very own Maggie Roswell to our robotic world.

Maggie has been a part of The Simpsons since the very beginning, voicing regulars Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Luann Van Houten, and Elizabeth Hoover as well as dozens of supporting and guest characters across more than 175 episodes. Her impact on the show is so great that when she took a temporary leave from the show it resulted in the death of one of those characters!

Beyond Springfield, Maggie’s career is extremely diverse with vocal work for the likes of Mighty Mouse, Darkwing Duck, the feature Fire and Ice and Animaniacs, alongside onscreen performances in shows such as L.A. Law, Remington Steele, Happy Days, Dynasty, Quantum Leap, Mork & Mindy and many more.

That last show indirectly ties into another of Maggie’s interests: improv. Over a long career, Maggie has improvised with the likes of Robin Williams, John Ritter, Joey Bishop, Phil Foster, John Larouquette and, later, Dan “Homer” Castellaneta, and performed on Broadway with the hit Sills and Company.

Today, Maggie and Hal manage Roswell ‘n’ Rayle Studios, working with a host of international brands on projects that cover multiple aspects of the audio industry, including coaching, casting, demos, post and developing new media.

If you're thinking of getting something signed, you might want to consider purchasing some examples of Hal & Maggies’s work from Amazon - please click the links below to see the individual listings;

Transformers G1:

Transformers The Movie:

The Simpsons DVDs:

From G1 Dinobots, Visionaries and Ninja Turtles, to Helen Lovejoy, Sharry Bobins and Queen Elizabeth the Second (yes, we have not forgotten that) Hal and Maggie will be meeting fans, signing autographs and taking part in panels during our convention, which will run from Friday 11th to Sunday 13st August 2017.

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