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Operation: We miss you too

While the TFNation crew are hard at work on the many post-convention jobs that come with running an official business, we’re deeply grateful for the huge outpouring of good will we’ve received from our 2017 attendees. Our community really went above and beyond in creating a fantastic atmosphere this year, and much of the praise we are receiving is due to you all! So virtual hugs all round.

Of course, after the rush of the event itself, there is the comedown. We know more than a few of you are wishing you could all be back at the Hilton bar, with friends old and new. Don’t despair though, for while the thought of another robot-infused Hilton Break-FEAST tomorrow morning is merely a fantasy, here are a few facts to raise your spirits.

1) TFNation 2018 is a-coming!

The team are already looking at next year’s event, with a view to making it bigger and better and more packed than this year. Information on the event will be released when available, so be patient. Trust us, you will be returning to the Hilton before you know it.

2) TFNation social meets are on the way

Over the next month, we will begin to start releasing details of a series of social get-togethers in various parts of the UK, to be staged until TFN 2018 kicks off. It will give people the chance to catch up with their con-buddies, as well as inviting newcomers into our wonderful community.

3) TFNation attendee feedback: Your thoughts on our event

This is something we didn’t manage in the frenetic period after last year’s event, but we will be shortly rolling out a feedback form for all attendees, Forge-members and volunteers to not only give their opinion of 2017, but also help us chart a course for next year.

4) The community never ends

If you have enjoyed socialising with your new community friends this year, then there is no reason why the end of the convention has to mean the end of community interaction. We will be posting episodes of our TFNation podcast (along with our usual Transmission-format updates) highlighting guest stars and groups worth supporting. While podcasts like the Moonbase2, Welcome to Kimia and Podcast Maximus will keep fans up to date with related community events.

We recommend fans also join up with Facebook groups like the Transformers YouTube Community, Transformers & Such, Transmasters UK and to not only keep those bar conversations going, but meet more folk!

Finally, if you were one of the many folks who were inspired by our wonderful cosplayers then we suggest you join the Transformers Cosplay UK group on Facebook. It not only provides support for budding cosplayers, but shows off the latest designs from some of the best bot-builders around.

So, that will do for a start. Look to start seeing posts next weekend, starting with photos and videos of the event, then followed by feedback and con-related issues such as the Animated comic schedule. and then… the future awaits. Until then, we leave you with some thoughts on the event from some gents you might recognise.

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