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Operation: Looking back at TFNation 2017

Two weeks ago, the first attendees were arriving at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole for TFNation 2017.  As the crew readies our next mission for launch, we take a look back at this year’s event with the help of some community friends.

Firstly we join the ever friendly Dorian, of Refined Robot co, for his incredibly thorough run down of what made the event special for him.

Next, we take a visit to the blog of Graham (inkybauds on twitter) for his witty and heart-warming recollections of the events that managed to drag him away from that lovely Hilton breakfast!

Finally, for those of you who prefer vlogs, we visit Becka (tainkirrahe on twitter) to hear about the benefits of attending conventions, for people who suffer from social anxieties.You’ll want tissues to the ready but don’t worry – you’ll be smiling by the end!

These are but a small fistful of the kind words we have received.  The crew is incredibly grateful to everybody who has posted a review, or provided some feedback.  Remember, there is still time for 2017 attendees to complete our feedback form, which can be found here;

TFNation 2018 is nearby…real nearby.  And we look forward to seeing you there!




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