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Operation: Mark Ryan places TFN on Lockdown!

Hero. Villain. Bounty hunter.

As a special surprise to celebrate a decade of live action movies, we are thrilled to be welcoming the multi-talented Mark Ryan to TFNation 2017!

Though we already had a fully packed guest list this year, we simply could not pass up the opportunity to welcome Mr Ryan to our celebrations. As you will see, his CV is incredible.

In 2007's Transformers, Mark provided the touching end dialogue for Bumblebee, the fun-loving Autobot who quickly established himself as a brand leader. He also performed the role of Ironhide in the video game affiliated to the movie.

For 2009's Revenge of the Fallen, Mark took on the role of the aged and opinionated Jetfire. A legendary Decepticon seeker who defected to the Autobots.

However, Mark is perhaps best known to Transformers fans for his part in 2014's Age of Extinction, where he brought big screen life to the movie's antagonist, and fan favourite character, Lockdown. A bounty hunter tasked with retrieving Optimus Prime on behalf of the mysterious Creators.

If you take a trip down to your local cinema this week, you will be able to hear (and maybe even see!) Mark in this year's new movie, Transformers: The Last Knight... But no spoilers from us, we will let you find him!

In addition to the above, Mark interacts with human characters to provide the on set voice and presence of many Transformers, before they are added in via the magic of CGI. This means he has an incredibly rich experience of life on a Transformers movie set, as well as post production work.

Away from giant robots, Mark's career continues to be wonderfully diverse. From originating the role of Magaldi in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Evita, to appearing as the loyal Mr. Gates in the pirate show Black Sails, Mark really has done it all.

Some of his notable filmography entries include Charlie's Angels, Convicted, The Thirst and The Prestige. He also composed and performed in a musical adaptation of Wuthering Heights. But for many, Mark will be forever tied to his role as Nasir in the 80’s TV series Robin of Sherwood - this represented the first time a Muslim character had been part of the mythos and Ryan’s impact was so great, the concept carried over to later productions such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and the 2006 Robin Hood TV series, to become a mainstay of the classic tale.

Oh... and he's also a master swordsman who provides fight scene training to other big name Hollywood actors. We're not making this up!

As with all our guests at TFNation, Mark’s appearance is subject to availability. However, we should make you aware that Mark will be working on a top secret film project around the time of the convention, which could potentially affect his schedule. Armed with that knowledge, please take any opportunity you can to say hello to Mark as he is a wonderfully generous person and loves to meet Transformer fans.

If you're thinking of getting something signed, you might want to consider purchasing some examples of Mark’s work from Amazon - please click the links below to see the individual listings;

Transformers (2007):

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen:

Robin of Sherwood:

Mark will be meeting fans, signing autographs, but will hopefully refrain from transforming his face into a giant cannon, at TFNation which will run from Friday 11th and Sunday 13th August 2017.

Further transmissions to follow.

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