You’ve seen the initial schedule, jam-packed full of panels, cosplay competitions and guest interviews, but what about the stage team who will be hosting them! Considering we have so many attendees making TFNation 2017 their first Transformers fan convention, it’s only right that we introduce you to our nefarious northern presenting team!

David Wallace: 
A veteran stage presenter and podcaster with the likes of the Moonbase 2, Underbase shows, as well as his own KalelPrime Youtube channel, Dave is one of the most recognisable members of the TFNation team. This comes in handy as, after working throughout the year to help plan and structure the event, the weekend itself will find David onstage, rousing our audience to cheer (guests) boo (Billy) and get involved with the panels and activities. We ask all our attendees to support this, and make our show our most enjoyable yet!

Petrina Witt: 
Back again as Dave’s partner-in-crime (or should that be handler) is student Petrina. Armada might have been what got her into Transformers, but she assures us that her taste has improved since then… In addition to her own audio adventures, with Dave, in the Microbase podcast, she also is a classic car fanatic (the non-transforming kind), an engineering student, and captain of a rowing club. Those leadership skills will certainly be tested when containing the excitable crowds at the opening ceremony, not to mention Dave himself!

And…. The rest?
This year sees a wealth of talented individuals join with us to host many of the workshops and panels the weekend brings. Adam Nicol, Chris McFeely, Jim Sorenson, Thew, Andy Milman, Dave Mence, our own Isa and Tori, Simon Barlow, Matt Clarke, Sid Beckett and more!

We look forward to seeing you there

TFNation 2017
Where All Are One