We start with the success of the recent Free Comicbook Day as many of us all joined crowds at stores around the country, hunting free issues from a wide range of publishers. The TFN community were out in force with some members helping out at independent stores, while the TFNation name featured proudly in the windows (and on fetching fashionable bags) of many a Forbidden Planet store.

We set our supporters the challenge of seeking out those participating FP stores and grabbing a selfie, with posters/bags as props....and you didn’t disappoint. Good to know we have such photogenic supporters! Think of this as good training for the numerous snaps to come, this August! If any of you still want to get involved, just find a store and grab a pose. While we are not going to be plastering folk’s pics everywhere at TFN (we are kinda bashful ourselves) we think it would be nice to thank those who have taken part and helped spread word about our convention.... so stay tuned as we mull over ideas.

This past weekend, the Northern Social meet was held in the kingdom of fire and wrath, dragons and emperors..... also known as Newcastle, with reports of craziness already trickling through from TFN members who survived. With the main TF convention season shifting forward this year, the social meet team have adapted and are already hard at work, planning the next bash. Rest assured, as soon as they announce details, we, at TFNation, will be supporting them.

This update has focussed on the TF community and one of the areas where their voice is heard loudest is YOUTUBE. At this time of year, many of our supporters start recording their thoughts, hopes and fears for convention season, as well as offering their own unique advice on how to get the best out of these events. To help kick this off for TFNation, we have invited the mighty THEW to give his own perspective on conventions, what it’s like to attend your first event (a challenge for many, we accept) and how he found our crazy community. His refreshing take is well worth a look!

Thew's Convention anxiety TFNATION - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stw4suOzSRY

But what about our other supporters? Well, we will be promoting their work, via our social media, in the build-up to August. To start, below are a few from some of the guys who’ve know us the longest. If YOU are planning a video, blog, podcast or other post on your TFNation build-up, please let us know. Not only do many of the experienced convention-goers offer sage advice but, for first-time attendees, you can utilise a media message to introduce yourself to the people attending this year, breaking the ice before you even step a foot through the large revolving doors of the Hilton!

Ian - Airlift82 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yELip_tW2GU

Tony - SoundwaveSG1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZaHOEJS4fw

Sami - Skullgrin140 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgdavUPXzO4

John - TFKnowlsy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQh9qmW5i58