Dear friends,

For this latest update, we’ve decided to drop our usual “transmissions” theme. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to exciting robot news really soon! But first we wanted to speak to you directly about something important – Saturday only tickets.

During the development of our first year, the encouragement and feedback from the community has been vital. The convention is yours and needs to cater for your wishes as best it can. This is why we are so active on social media. We listen, we grow and hopefully, TFNation will continually transform to meet your needs.

When we first established TFNation, we took the decision not to offer Saturday only tickets in our first year. It was not a decision we took lightly. Starting a convention (with all the legal work that goes with it) is an expensive thing to do, so we needed to make firm plans to ensure the viability of the event. Why? Because we built TFNation for the community and we want it to exist for a very long time despite our high year one overheads.

In recent weeks, a question we have received time and time again has been “will you be releasing Saturday tickets?”. Many people have messaged us saying they would love to attend, but could only possibly make the one day. That presents us with a problem – do we exclude those people? And if we don’t, would that upset other people? In addressing this, we needed to take two factors into consideration:

  1. We needed to acknowledge the needs of people who do wish to join us for a shorter period, and currently feel excluded.
  2. We needed to do justice to those attendees who have already bought full weekend tickets and might wish to adapt their ticket if a more suitable alternative were to become available.

Your voice has been loud and we have listened. So with these issues in mind, we have agreed to take the following action; 

  1. We will release a small run of Saturday-only tickets, for purchase on-the-door only priced at £35.
  2. These tickets will be on sale from 11:00am on the Saturday morning of the convention and will be valid until the hall closes at 6:30pm. The reason these will not be available before 11:00am, is to ensure full weekend ticket-holders are able to enjoy the wider range of trading hours. Those who pre-registered for the full weekend should and will enter the halls first.
  3. These tickets will not entitle the holder to Friday, Saturday evening, or Sunday entry. Those elements are strictly reserved for full weekend ticket holders (with Sunday also being reserved for Sunday ticket holders)

During the convention, if a day ticket-holder wishes to join in with Saturday evening’s events, they will be required to upgrade their ticket to a full weekend pass. We will be happy to assist with this.

Likewise, we appreciate this change means some attendees who have already booked, may now wish to adapt their own ticket. If you have purchased a full weekend pass, but know that you will only be able to attend on just the Saturday, between 11:00am and 6.30pm, you should contact us to discuss your options at

In summary;

  • Limited tickets available on the door, for Saturday 20th August only.
  • Tickets on sale from 11:00am
  • Tickets exclude Friday, Saturday evening show and Sunday

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We hope this solution will aid those who so passionately wish to support TFNation on a single day basis, whilst ensuring that those who have supported us by purchasing a weekend ticket will still enjoy the full benefits of that ticket.

Til all are one… next weekend!

The TFNation crew