Transmission Initiated
Transmission ID: 000042
Operation: Volunteer applications open!

With a jam-packed schedule soon to be announced, TFNation requires some of the finest Cybertronian reinforcements... do you have what it takes to be one of our first volunteers?

Volunteering is a brilliant way to get involved and give something back to the community, whilst also having a fun time (and it looks great on your CV too). It is an especially good way to meet new friends if you are a first timer. Likewise, veteran convention volunteers bring invaluable experience to the battle against the evil Deceptic... err... to the ticket queues.

Sending in your volunteer application couldn't be simpler. Just go to and click on the volunteer link on the home page and you will be taken to the form. No need to print it, just complete and then submit!

(If you are already logged into the website this process will be very quick. If you are not logged in, or have not purchased a ticket yet, you will need to do this before you proceed)

We anticipate we will have quite a lot of interest in volunteer positions, so we would urge you to apply as soon as you can. Successful applicants will be notified by email. If you are not successful in year one, we hope you'll apply again in year two!

With just a few weeks to go to make TFNation great, all we need is a little energon... and a lot of YOU!

Further transmissions to follow.

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