Transmission Initiated
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Operation: Earth Wars! Space Ape Games invades TFNation!

The Decepticons have invaded Earth and only the Autobots can save us now, as the Transformer: Earth wars commence! This past June saw the hugely successful release of the Earth Wars mobile game and we are proud to announce the award-winning Space Ape games, will be in attendance at TFNation 2016!

Based on a story by TFNation guest Simon Furman, published by Backflip Studios and developed by Space Ape Games in partnership with Backflip Studios & Hasbro, Earth Wars puts you in-charge of a veritable army of Cybertronians as you attack and defend precious bases in order to defeat your enemies.

Chris White and the team will be attending on Saturday 20th August, with concept art, posters and development videos running throughout the weekend. The Space Ape crew are eager to meet both existing fans of the game and those new to it, and are busy planning a “beat the base” in-game competition, to those who think they are up to the challenge!

Space Ape have worked with some of the most pivotal people within the Transformers franchise to create this game. They have invested considerable time in shaping the game to please fans of the characters. We urge our attendees to take this chance to meet, and question the Space Ape team, not just as special guests, but as fellow fans of the franchise.

With the game so popular amongst our attendees, there are plans afoot for our own Sunday-based event, at the Space Ape table, to be run by fans, for fans. A great chance to bond with fellow attendees…. Then crush them under your Cybertronian heels!

Further transmissions to follow.


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